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A bird’s-eye view is worth a thousand words: on an area of 15,000 m², around 10,500 modules generate energy. There is no doubt that solar systems are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than conventional systems for generating energy.

Heat recovery

The intelligent use of discharged process heat is done by the heat recovery system. The returned energy is customarily responsible for the heating of the company buildings. An optimal use of already existing resources.


Often underestimated, LED technology is considered a key technology for a “green future”. Especially the long life makes high quality LEDs an environmentally friendly light source. Efficient, pollutant-free and recyclable – with perfect light quality.

Waste separation

In addition to the classic waste separation within the office building, an orderly waste disposal in the manufacturing area is very important to us. Especially oily or greasy wastes should be disposed of properly.

Paperless office

Thanks to constantly optimized software solutions, it has been possible to convert formerly paper-based processes efficiently and environmentally friendly to a paperless everyday life. Electronic order entry as well as confirmation has been a practice for many years. With the consent of our partners, billing is also done in paperless form.

Cooling water treatment

By treating the cooling water, the internal cooling system keeps its full performance during operation. In addition, resources, energy and ultimately our environment are spared.