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Parts List Import

via KNARR webshop

Already since its relaunch, the KNARR online shop offers the user-friendly parts list import feature. This entails the direct import of entire parts lists directly into the shopping cart. The automated data input process speeds up the inquiry and ordering process considerably. At the same time, input errors are reduced to a minimum.

How does the import work?

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Select the import screen
  3. Select your parts list (e.g. from an Excel template)
  4. Copy the parts list to the import screen
  5. Select the table headers (in the order of your copied parts list)
  6. Transfer the copied data to the table
  7. Send the parts list to your shopping cart

Inquiry and ordering process

In the further check-out process, parts lists with correct KNARR order numbers can be ordered directly. If any external order numbers are found in the parts list, the parts list, including all unknown article designations, is sent as inquiry to our Customer Support where it will be checked.

Caution: Separators within KNARR order numbers must also be correctly entered to ensure an unambiguous import.