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3+1 – Three „thick“ and one „thin“

Guide pillars from KNARR

Guide pillars are used to centre the two mould halves when the mould is closing. The pillars, which are usually placed at the nozzle side of the mould, are often installed according to the 3 + 1 specification. Three elements of a larger diameter and one pillar of the smaller diameter prevent incorrect assembly of the mould halves.

Different elements are used depending on the shape and application.

In mould making, the decision whether to choose pillars with or without a centring collar or with or without a fitting diameter is often based on experience. As an option, DLC-coated pillars are available as standard, which are particularly suitable for dry running.

We have summarized the standard pillar types below:

Guide pillars
ArticleTreatmentCentring collarFitting diameterDLCGuiding system
551000hardenedxx14 – 42 mm
551000DLChardenedxxx14 – 42 mm
551010hardenedx14 – 42 mm
551010DLChardenedxx14 – 42 mm
51100hardenedx9 – 52 mm
51003hardened9 – 62 mm