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Screw plug and sealing plug

with O-Ring

In order to avoid distortion of the plastic part, a homogeneous temperature balance in the mould is crucial. The positioning of the cooling channels plays an important role. Once this is done, the right sealing becomes the next challenge.

Sealing screw with O-ring

As an alternative to the known options, KNARR offers a Screw plug (70943) equipped with an O-ring. Without any additional sealant, it provides an extremely reliable and durable seal up to a water temperature of 100°C (oil up to 180°C). The screw can be mounted very quickly and easily without any preparatory work and can also be reused after disassembly without time-consuming cleaning.  

Sealing plug with o-ring

For the sealing plug with O-ring (72078), KNARR now provides the Torx version. Especially when mounting in hard-to-reach positions, Torx offers the clear advantage that the plug stays on the screwdriver better and slipping is avoided. This protects the inner profile and makes later dismantling easier.
The plug is designed for a maximum
Water temperature of 100°C (oil 180°C).