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Date stamp with latching function

End of year sale starting from 1 October 2021

Continuously good quality and stable production processes are the objectives of every production process. A contribution to optimized process reliability is made by the new version of KNARR date stamps. Unintentional movement of the adjusting insert and thus the incorrect marking of moulded parts is prevented by a latching function.

Therefore, the insert can be precisely aligned even at higher injection pressure. The latching mechanism snaps into place without height adjustment. Three different types allow both press fitting and assembly from the front or the back side of the plate.

The marking stamps are now available in diameters from 3 mm.



601201 – Date marking stamp with satching function
601202 – Date marking stamp with latching function – mountable from the front
601101 – Date marking stamp with latching function – fast fitting through press fit functionality
900179S – Screwdriver set