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Ejector pin with anti-twist lock and pre-centering

The newly standardized, space-saving head shape of the ejector pin ensures its distinct position in the tool. Different surfaces on both sides  allow mounting only in the exactly desired position and prevent the distortion of the ejector at the same time . A circumferential bevel serves for pre-centering and helps to assemble easily and quickly.

KNARR offers the new anti-twist-lock system in a hardened, DLC-coated and nitrided-oxidised version. In addition to the standard diameters, the lush range of dimensions also includes intermediate dimensions for repair purposes. In varying gradations, the ejector pins are available directly from stock up to a length of 800 mm


39111DLC – Ejector pin with anti-twist lock – DLC
39414 – Ejector pin with anti-twist lock – nitrided/oxidated