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COVID-19: Current information on the coronavirus

KNARR acts: We are currently countering the market situation with stable production, secure delivery capability and extended opening hours. Accessibility in the office and in the field is also unrestricted.

It is a matter of course to respect the health of every individual as the greatest good. It goes without saying that the KNARR Group also makes a contribution to fighting the spread of the virus effectively. The first steps were taken immediately after European infections became known. The dynamics of the past few weeks have led to further internal restrictions, which are consistently implemented in the interests of our employees and business partners.

Guaranteed Shipment

A restructured shift model – valid for manufacturing and sales – precludes personal contact between individual departments and guarantees medium and long-term ability to act.

Thus, the overall situation currently has no impact on general business operations. Our production continues as well as the logistical processing. The already high stock availability additionally supports our ability to deliver. A supply strategy that is independent of the Asian region is currently facilitating a regulated and safe procurement of the necessary raw materials.

The ordering process – by email, via webshop or telephone – and the shipment of our products run reliably as usual. Based on our deeply rooted service philosophy, we are now available every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Back to the Future!

Let us face the situation together with seriousness and respect, but also with prudence and mutual support. Values ??faded by globalization are given the chance of a renaissance. A return to social and economic cohesion in Europe can be the cornerstone for a confident look ahead.

Until then, please stay healthy!

Picture: Shutterstock: 672277924 – Eakachai Leesin