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OCI interface

Direct connection of the KNARR web shop to SAP

The three letters OCI – the so-called “Open Catalog Interface” – designate an interface that connects a SAP enterprise resource planning system directly with a supplier web shop.

The ordering process

The order is initiated directly in SAP. From there, the user “jumps” to the KNARR online catalog (punchout).After filling the shopping cart and completing the check-out process, all items, including any additional information, are transferred to SAP. The transfer takes place to a specified return address (so-called “hook URL”). The user completes the definite order in SAP. The shopping process is then electronically booked there.

What is the benefit of OCI?

The connection for SAP users via OCI offers various advantages. By taking over all relevant product information including the related prices, the operation is booked directly. Data imports or manual entries in SAP are no longer necessary, which simplifies the entire ordering process. Access is always to our live web shop system. The retrieved product data is always up-to-date and available in real time. Recurring data maintenance in your own SAP system is therefore no longer necessary.


With regard to data transfer, KNARR relies on the http-POST-method. In the interests of our customers, the GET method is not supported due to various security risks. If you are interested in connecting via the OCI interface, please contact us or write to