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Update CAD data

Updated native SolidWorks library and STEP data collection

At the beginning of the year, both the parametric SolidWorks standard parts library and the complete STEP data collection were updated to help with the design.

New products
294295Slide unit
294295XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
314000Flat latch lock unit
70090Fitting long, without thread
Assortment adjustments
10020Mould plate with reference edges
10252Mould plate with grinding allowance, without reference edges
15500Mould plate with reference edges
15550Mould plate with grinding allowance, without reference edges
282500Guide rail, lateral
282510Guide rail, lateral, shouldered
282520Guide rail, centred
282530Guide rail, shape T
282540Gliding rail
282550Retaining rail
285000Guide rail, lateral
285040Gliding rail
285050Retaining rail
294290XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
294292XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
294294Slide unit
294294XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
294390X Slide unit (without step, without thread)
294392XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
294394XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
294395XSlide unit (without step, without thread)
326121DLCFlat ejector with long blade with 2 corner radii 0.2
37111Ejector pin
51050Wear-/shim plate
51057Support pillar
541251Tapered interlock
542040Flat guiding
542042Gliding plate for flat guide
62481Sprue puller bushing
62483Sprue puller bushing without undercut
70087Hose fitting with screw thread
70094Screw plug with hexagon socket, conical
VS36111Ejector pin shouldered with anti-twist-lock
VS37111Ejector pin with anti-twist-lock
VS37412Ejector pin with anti-twist-lock
VS37999Ejector pin with anti-twist-lock
Extensions to the range
295151Slide holding device with roll
295152Retaining plate for 295151
40032Cylinder head screw with hexagon socket, flat head
51711Recirculating ball bushing
70943Screw plug with O-ring seal
77335Insulation board with fixing holes, without central bore
77336Insulation board with fixing holes, with central bore
Discontinued items
37412/4,9-315Ejector pin
37999/0,8-200Ejector pin
72111Deflection baffle with O-ring seal
72121Deflection baffle with thread