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Trainee Project 2020

Engineering of a V6 Model

Apart from a trainee’s diversified working schedule at KNARR, we as trainees regularly receive cross-departmental projects that require both the commitment of the industrial and the commercial apprentices. This year the project is devoted to designing and manufacturing the model of a V6 engine.

In the course of the design, the future toolmakers and metal-cutting mechanics decided on a suitable material and the manufacturing process for the respective individual part, until the components for optimal production were created as CAD data.

Commercial aspects such as cost breakdown, material entry, time recording and the assignment of tasks were also taken into account and documented on an ongoing basis.

Starting with the question of whether it was possible for us to build a V6 engine, over project planning, the assignment of tasks, ‘til the production and the written and visual documentation, we were not only able to demonstrate our ability to work independently but also to prove our organizational skills and teamwork. This gave every one of us the opportunity to take personal responsibility for the assigned area.

A camera accompanied the project, creating a video of the manufacturing of the engine and focussing on the various production techniques. By this recording, we want to provide people of different age groups, in particular those from outside the industry, with a comprehensible insight into manufacturing processes such as turning or eroding. The project was summarized with a final presentation.

During weekly meetings, we discussed how to proceed, assign tasks, and other organizational matters. We also exchanged information about the weekly progress, set new targets and worked together to solve problems.

Despite the corona crisis and the subsequent security measures that made communication between all departments difficult, the project was completed successfully and on time due to our commitment and support from everyone.

We would like to thank our instructors and all those who supported us and promoted the project. We had a lot of fun working as a team on the project “Engineering a V6 Model Engine”, growing together on this challenge and learning more about the different manufacturing processes and the correlation of manufacturing and the commercial side. It helped us a lot to get an even better overview and deeper understanding, especially for the technical processes.

We are already looking forward to the next trainee project!