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Ejector accelerator

For more safety in the demoulding process

The ejector accelerator (30141) is considered a simple and worthwhile standard solution, especially for plastic parts that are difficult to demould. The rocker-like design of the component accelerates a single ejector pin so that it is almost impossible for the moulded part to get stuck in the mould..  

Additional ejector stroke

The accelerator is installed directly in the ejector base plate, is optimized for plate thicknesses of 17 mm, 22 mm and 27 mm and allows a maximum of 7.6 mm additional ejector stroke.

Ejector package with or without washers

The three standard sizes of the ejector accelerator (Type 1) are suitable for round ejectors with diameters of 3 – 3.2 mm, 4 – 5.2 mm and 6 – 8.2 mm. They were each supplemented with a 4 mm higher version (type 2). This is used as soon as washers (51055) are installed in the ejector package. An additional height adjustment is therefore not necessary.