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Material range enlargement: 1.2312

for System F and P-Plates

Fast availability and reliable delivery with first-class quality – these requirements apply to standardized mould bases, especially when designing new tools. KNARR meets these demands at different levels.

Two systems for more flexibility

In addition to a wide range of P-plates, among our product segment of drilled plates, you can find two different pitch systems. Both System K and System F are available directly off the shelf. We stock common tool steels (e.g. 1.1730, 1.2085, 1.2343, 1.2767 etc.) as well as innovative, future-proof materials, such as Toolox®. Even with an already completed design, we will find the right plates for you – for sure. Different users prefer different pitch dimensions: Due to the double availability, we provide the opportunity to respond to your customers’ preferences in a flexible way.

Stress relieved plates as a seal of quality

In order to achieve the best possible conditions for low-distortion processing, our plates are stress-relieved. Existing residual stresses in the material are reduced to a minimum. The process does not affect other material properties.

We would be happy to convince you of the availability and quality of our plates. Just send us your parts list or compose your individual mould with a few mouse clicks in our online configurator.

Furnace for heat treatment
Automated further processing
KNARR responds to market demand

By expanding the range of materials by the popular material 1.2312, KNARR is responding to numerous customer requests. The annealing process described plays a decisive role in the quality of the steel: the plates are relieved of residual stresses in a 48-hour annealing process that is significantly longer than is customary in the industry in order to ensure carefree further processing.

“According to our findings, the alternative material Toolox 33 remains the more sustainable steel. We were able to convince ourselves of this both through internal and external drilling and milling tests. Nevertheless, the call from our customers for the established steel grade 1.2312 was getting louder and louder – so we are responding to this request with the expansion,” as the KNARR Marketing department explains.

Annealing curve