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NEW: Main catalogue

504 pages for mould making

Based on the motivation to create a user-friendly overview of our widespread product portfolio, all KNARR standard-part quality products available from stock have been combined in one single composition. From mounting parts to mould plates – a compact and consolidated presentation of all components for your mould.

Fresh design

The revised design and the self-explanatory categorisation make it easier to find the various products. If you take a closer look, you will see that interesting new products were added and several product ranges have been expanded to include additional standardized dimensions.


You will find some examples of the numerous novelties as representative in the following list.
For more interesting new items, just take a look at the catalogue.

Extension of the standard portfolio in all product areas

The KNARR standard parts portfolio has been extended not only by new products, but also by complementing existing product ranges. Just within the product category “ejection / demolding” almost 700 standard sizes have been added.

Ejector Pins – 150 new dimensions

37111Hardened1.2067AH0,8 – 25 mm
37999 DLC1.2067 AH 0,8 – 20 mm
37555HSS1.3343AH0,4 – 16 mm
37711Stainless steel1.4112AH1 – 12 mm
36555Hardened1.2343/1.2344CH0,5 – 2,5 mm
36599DLC1.2343/1.2344CH0,5 – 2,5 mm
36414 Oxidated1.2343/1.2344 C0,8 – 2,5 mm

Flat ejectors – 400 new dimensions

ArtikelMaterialTreatmentExtra long bladeCorner radiiRadius toleranceRadius
32151 1.2067 Hardened
32452 1.2343 Oxidated
32121 1.2067 Hardened2+0,02 R0,2
32121DLC 1.2067 DLC2+0,02 R0,2
32141 1.2067 Hardened4+0,02 R0,2
32141DLC 1.2067 DLC4+0,02 R0,2
32181DLC 1.2067 DLC4+0,003/+0,008 R0,2
32161 1.2067 HardenedX
326121 1.2067 Hardened X 2+0,02 R0,2
326121DLC 1.2067 DLC X 2+0,02 R0,2
326141 1.2067 HardenedX4+0,02 R0,2
326141DLC 1.2067 DLCX4+0,02 R0,2
326541DLC 1.3343 HSS + DLCHardenedX4+0,003/+0,008 R0,2

Ejector sleeves – 140 new dimensions

ArticleTreatmentØL max.
38188Hardened2 – 16 mm250 mm
38781Hardened4 – 12 mm1000 mm
38488Nitrided3 – 16 mm250 mm
38882Nitrided5 – 12 mm1000 mm

More examples of size selection extensions: