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New generation of recirculating ball bushings

FreeLub bushings also in Ø40 mm

The recirculating ball bushing has long since replaced the previous ball guide unit – consisting of a bushing and a roller cage. The small installation space, a very high load capacity and unlimited stroke lengths without the cage moving are easily understandable advantages.

The guidance of ejector packs is one of the common and typical applications of recirculating ball bushings. Of course, the compact design also allows alternative uses. Circumferential ball tracks, including the moving balls inside the bushing, almost completely rule out the risk of seizing up the guide pillar.

Next generation “FreeLub”

As a further development of the common recirculating ball bearing, the “FreeLub” type (517404) offers further optimisations. The modified ball channels are incorporated with a slight incline for better guidance. The grouped and newly divided double contact channels allow up to 25% more load compared to the previous model.

Distribution of ball channels

6 grooves

8 grooves

10 grooves







Graphite deposits within the channels also provide continuous lubrication of the balls. The closed system prevents both the loss of internal lubricants and the penetration of external particles. The sockets withstand a permanent operating temperature of 190°C.

Ø40 mm

The previous range with guide diameters of 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm and 30 mm has been expanded to include three standardized executions with a diameter of 40 mm. Compatibale guide bolts are available with collar (51912), with collar and fitting diameter (51145) and without collar (51156).