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Process reliability through end position control

More than 30 limit switch variants including accessories are immediately available

Often underestimated, limit switches do a great job with regard to a permanently stable and reliable production of plastic parts. By polling the end position, for example, stripper plates, ejector packages, core pulls or slides can be secured, thus avoiding an expensive tool crash.

Different tool requirements involve different designs. The various demands range from high temperature design to a compact installation size and justify the variety of standardized limit switches. More than 30 types are available at KNARR. Always matching accessories make wiring child’s play and electricians are not required for the installation.

The optics of the limit switches are characterized by a high quality and robust aluminium housing with encapsulated electronics inside that are secured against short-circuit. The micro switch, which is installed inside this housing, is triggered by either a mechanical or an inductive pulse.

As a representative of the entire range, we would like to introduce some switches:

The Evergreen

The classic among limit switches.

Anyone who installs appropriate sensors in their tools is familiar with this striking design. Screwed from the top or front, female or male connectors, with or without LED – there are numerous variants even within the limit switch family.

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The robust one

For large tools with heavy individual plates, the force on the plunger is often the limiting factor. As an example, the two variants show the modified plunger with lateral switch actuation, designed for higher loads and maximum requirements.

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The enduring one

Does sensor technology conflict with high temperatures? Clear answer: No!

Even with a permanent mould temperature of 240°C, this type remains cool and provides reliable polling of the position.

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The small one

Size doesn’t matter! Inductive sensors installed on 8mm width and 16mm length. An ideal solution where space is limited.

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The Star

Slight differences from the classic design make this type seem inconspicuous. The combination of inductive sensors with high temperature resistance up to 150°C makes this variant an outstanding star in limit switch technology.

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