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Sprue holding pins

New types available

Regardless of the type of sprue holding pin used, there is a standardised undercut at the end of the shaft. With its help, the solidified plastic is retained in the sprue runners. This ensures that the sprue is in the correct position during demoulding. At the same time, the usage of handling systems is much easier.

The sprue holding pin is provided completely ready for installation, i.e. shortened to the individually desired length including undercut. Of course, engraving is also possible as an option. The outline can be used for all common plastics. You will find the related design data in our webshop.

Type Z
Type T
Type P
NEW: Type T & Type P

The well-known, standardised type of the sprue holding pin is the “Type Z” shape.
In addition, KNARR now offers types T and P. Both hold the sprue runners in position, are particularly suitable when using handling systems, can be used as an alternative and enable controlled removal.

Three alternatives for different preferences

All pins are available at short notice as hardened or DLC-coated versions in diameters of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm and lengths up to 400mm. Type Z is also available as a nitrided version (300414). In type Z and type T, two-sided surfaces on the head secure the sprue holding pin against unintentional rotation in the cavity. A circumferential bevel serves as pre-centring.

The choice of the outline on the sprue holding pin depends on mould-specific requirements and not least on individual preferences.