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Stainless steel cooling connections

Highly corrosion resistant

Traditionally, the topic of “cooling and temperature control” plays an important role. After all, the right mould temperature control is crucial in terms of quality and efficient production of plastic parts. There have always been numerous stainless steel standard parts in the KNARR portfolio. The stainless steel range has now been significantly expanded once again.

Increased corrosion resistance is becoming an increasingly important requirement across all sectors. Stainless steel (e.g. material 1.4305) is gaining in importance because the material not only stands for longevity and freedom from maintenance, but also meets the requirements for hygienic applications (clean room technology).

Reliable sealing also plays a major role, particularly with threaded parts. Due to their material-related expansion behavior, brass parts cannot guarantee permanent tightness, especially in high-temperature applications. In comparison, the stainless steel version offers more stability and security.