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Slanted slide unit

Guide also as blank version

Standardized slanted slide units help with the implementation of complex mould part geometries, minimize the in-house production effort and ensure quick replacement in the event of damage or wear.

Slanted slide as a standardized compact unit

The KNARR standard portfolio includes four different types of the slanted slide unit (224280) in widths of 16 mm, 20 mm, 26 mm and 32 mm. For all types, the appropriate slanted slide rod is available in two alternative lengths.

Slanted slide guide

KNARR offers standardized guides (224281) for all types of slanted slide guides. The available angles (5°, 10° or 15°) largely determine the demoulding path. The stroke ranges from 1.87 mm (15°) to 2.83 mm (10°) and even 5.71 mm (5°).

A valuable alternative to the standard guide is a corresponding blank version (224282).
The advantage of this is obvious: the angle can be machined depending on the application and the slide travel can be adjusted even more individually. A starting hole facilitates machining, which can be provided as a service by KNARR, but which can also be done by the customer.



Mounting example