Status indicator

for high temperature applications

The indication of the tool status not only serves as an important guide for your own employees, but is also increasingly finding its way into various specification sheets. In addition to the screwable display (497030) and the magnetic counterpart (497035), KNARR is introducing another variant into the market.

Small but durable!

With its flat design (height = 5 mm) and its length of only 92 mm, the status indicator (497032) is suitable for almost all tool sizes. The status of the tool is visualized using a four-color scale (green, yellow, blue, red) as well as integrated symbols. This allows a clear differentiation even with limited colour perception. The recessed slide does not require any additional tools, but at the same time prevents accidental adjustment. And that’s not all: the material properties of the indicator are even suitable for high-temperature applications with a sustained exposure of 200 °C.

By the way: Regardless of the type, we are happy to engrave the indicators directly with your label for a demand of over 100 pieces. In a simple and cost-efficient way, you can significantly upgrade your tools – even if the direct requirement may not (yet) exist.