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KNARR gets on the bike!

KNARR has become an official JobRad partner since August 2020

The innovative, versatile concept convinced us to offer this as a benefit to our employees, especially because of its numerous advantages for them. JobRad offers our team added value in a wide variety of ways.

Employee health

Promoting and maintaining the health of every employee – and that even outside of our factory premises – is a matter of the heart for us. In this regard, JobRad is an exciting opportunity: It doesn’t matter whether you cycle to work with your own JobRad or use it in your free time.


The JobRad offer perfectly complements our sustainability concept. In addition to the environmentally friendly way of getting around in your free time, you can also travel to work without using a car.

What is JobRad exactly?

This is a company bicycle leasing model. The employer acts as a lessee for his employees, which means that the financial burden is spread over a certain period of time as part of the salary conversion, and an attractive benefit is also achieved for our employees. Thanks to the general tax support of such a leasing system in Germany and the additional financial support from KNARR, a cost saving of up to 40 percent can be achieved when purchasing the dream bike.

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How does this leasing work?

The employee logs on to a portal and chooses his dream bike from one of over 5,000 specialist retail partners or one of over 60 online shops. Depending on your needs, you can put together your own dream bike, from racing bikes and mountain bikes to e-bikes. The ordering process takes place entirely via the simple and self-explanatory portal.

“With the JobRad offer, I finally fulfilled my wish to buy an e-bike with the equipment I wanted. With the leasing system, I finance the bike for 36 months and also save a little. Since then I have been more active and making my contribution to sustainability by preferring the bike to the car on shorter distances. My conclusion: I really have a lot of fun with my new e-bike!”

Florian Simon (Technician & first KNARR “JobRadler”)