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Transport lock

for ejector set

The primary function of transport locks is, of course, to protect moulds during transport. The moving parts in particular might cause shocks and vibrations that can lead to inaccuracies or even serious damage to high-precision moulds. Not a side note, but another important argument is the minimised risk of injury during tool handling.

Simple and effective

To prevent unintentional movement of the ejector set during transport, KNARR standardises a simple but very effective safety device. The stainless version (496045) is suitable for cleanrooms. An alternative (496046) characterises the transport lock as a safety-relevant part thanks to its red powder coating. Both are available in widths of 14 mm, 20 mm, 26 mm and 32 mm.

Injection position

Transport position

Easy installation

The simple and space-saving mounting of the transport lock is carried out via the risers of the mould base. Depending on the installation height of the ejector set, a recess is made at the appropriate position. The locking device can then be adjusted to suit the situation (injection position vs. transport position) using a slotted hole and fixed in place with a screw. The recess on the part itself makes it easier to adjust with your fingers. Alternatively, the hole can be used to move the lock using an Allen key.