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Latch locks from KNARR


The precise control of movement sequences for tools with several parting lines can be achieved through the use of latch locks. They thus make an important contribution to the demoulding process.
The compact, pre-assembled unit enables quick and uncomplicated installation on the injection mould and ensures that a second parting line can be opened reliably. During product development, great importance was attached to sensible installation dimensions and a practical specification of the standard sizes. Depending on the application, the KNARR latch lock can of course always be individually adapted..


Matching materials and coated components guarantee less wear, optimized service life and significantly reduced maintenance costs. In combination with a minimized cycle time, which is achieved by opening and closing the injection mould quickly, latch locks offer plenty of potential for increasing efficiency.The stable production process is supported by a locking system on the latch lock, which holds the backing plate in the correct position and prevents possible collisions.


While the notches are positively connected to the notch housing in the injection position (1), they recess in the clearance provided for this purpose in the control plate when the tool is open (2). The latch bar is unlocked and finally released. A spring-loaded stop blocks the two notches.

When the tool is opened, the plates are first moved by stroke “S1” (level 1). After reaching the defined opening, the notch housing hits the shoulder of the control bracket. After unlocking the latch bar, the tool opens further by stroke “S2”. The tool is closed in the reverse order.

Structure and scope of delivery

1Latch bar314011/10-146-0 (1x)314011/15-196-0 (1x)314011/20-246-0 (1x)
314011/10-186-0 (1x)314011/15-246-0 (1x)314011/20-296-0 (1x)
2Control bracket314012/10-146 (1x)314012/15-196 (1x)314012/20-246 (1x)
 314012/10-186 (1x)314012/15-246 (1x)314012/20-296 (1x)
3Spacer bar314013/10 (1x)314013/15 (1x)314013/20 (1x)
4Notch housing314014/10 (1x)314014/15 (1x)314014/20 (1x)
5Notch (DLC)314015/10 (2x)314015/15 (2x)314015/20 (2x)
6Stop (DLC)314016/10 (1x)314016/15 (1x)314016/20 (1x)
7Compression spring314017/1 (2x)314017/1 (3x)314017/2 (2x)
8Dowel pin44511/5-16 (2x)44511/5-20 (4x)44511/5-24 (4x)
9Cylinder head screw40032/4-12 (2x)40032/8-16 (2x)40032/8-20 (2x)

In addition to the compact design of the latch lock, the completely pre-assembled latch housing including lock, compression spring and the two notches offers a decisive advantage. After all, no individual parts can be lost even when the system is dismantled for maintenance work. Latch bar and control bracket are nitrided to ~630 HV10, the stop and the notches are DLC coated.