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Expanded range of ejector pins

150 additional dimensions

As the industry leader in “ejector technology”, KNARR is expanding further. In addition to the enhancements within the ejector sleeve and flat ejector categories, 150 new dimensions complement the available selection of ejector pins. In particular, the expanded range of intermediate sizes makes costly custom-made products more and more superfluous.

The classic

The designations are almost as numerous as the available dimensions. Regardless of whether it is called an ejector, ejector pin, knockout pin or round ejector – it is an absolute classic in almost every injection mould: the hardened ejector pin 37111.

With a head hardness of 45 HRC, the shaft is tempered to around 60 HRC. Mostly an ejector is used in plastics processing up to temperatures of approx. 200 ° C.

The famous item code 37111 comprises around 800 different dimensions. The available diameters are not only graduated by tenths, but sometimes down to a hundredth (e.g. Ø4.01 mm, Ø4.02 mm, Ø4.03 mm). Such executions are also available from stock and are therefore particularly suitable for maintenance and optimization measures. The length spectrum ranges from 40 mm to 1250 mm. Another service that Knarr has been offering for many years now, that is noteworthy in this context, is the individual cut-to-length finishing for ejectors.

Depending on the application, an ejector pin must meet different requirements. In addition to the classic 37111, the KNARR portfolio therefore includes numerous other ejector pins. For a better overview, we have summarized all standard executions for you:

Ejector pins
ArticleTreatmentMaterialShapeCoatingAnti-twist lockØ
37111hardened1.2067AH0,8 – 25 mm
37555HSS1.3343AH0,4 – 18 mm
37711stainless1.4112AH1 – 12 mm
37412nitrided blank1.2343/1.2344A1,2 – 32 mm
37414nitrided oxidized1.2343/1.2344A1 – 32 mm
37418non-nitrided1.2343/1.2344A1,5 – 32 mm
37888nitrided1.2343/1.2344AWC/C1,5 – 20 mm
37999hardened1.2067AHDLC0,7 – 25 mm
VS37111hardened1.2067three sides2 – 20 mm
VS37412nitrided blank1.2343/1.2344three sides2 – 20 mm
VS37999hardened1.2067DLCthree sides2 – 20 mm
39111hardened1.2067two sides2 – 20 mm
39111DLChardened1.2067DLCtwo sides2 – 20 mm
39555HSS1.3343 two sides 2 – 6 mm
39414nitrided oxidized1.2343/1.2344two sides3 – 20 mm
33111hardened1.2067DH0,5 – 16 mm

Core pins
37411hardened1.2343/1.2344A1,5 – 22 mm
37121hardened1.2067AH1,5 – 16 mm
37666Copper alloy2 – 16 mm
37420hardened1.2343/1.2344A5 – 12 mm