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Perfect in Position

Precision interlock, round

The correct centring of the mould halves or inserts is a decisive factor for the high-precision alignment of individual mould components. In many cases, this is the only way to achieve consistently high quality with corresponding repeat accuracy as well as compliance with required tolerances and quality standards of the manufactured products.

Depending on the application, different centring methods can ensure the maximum benefit in terms of exact positioning. The choice of the best possible centring method is therefore always based on the mould.

As an addition to the extensive portfolio of standardised centring systems, KNARR offers a cylindrical version that can be used regardless of position. This provides a reliable solution, especially when space in the mould is limited.

Different centring travel

Items 547990 and 547993 are identical in terms of function and design. The main difference is based on the significantly longer centring travel of type 547993. High-precision centring can thus be achieved even with larger strokes in complex tools. Both types are recommended to be mounted by screwing from the back of the plate, but also mounting from the front of the plate is possible (secured by a set screw).


Thanks to its variable installation options, the cylindrical precision interlock provides a suitable solution when there is limited space within the mould.

The high-precision alignment of all mould components forms the basis for reliably high product quality.

The rollers used make this precision interlock a durable solution, even with high cycle frequencies and continuous loads.

Maintenance is limited to checking the spring tension and the appropriate lubrication.

Both bush and bolt can be mounted from the front and rear of the plate.

The high-quality design of the roller cages prevents the individual rollers from falling out or being destroyed during ongoing production.

The diversity of centring