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Deflection baffle with O-ring seal

for high-temperature applications

Balanced and homogeneous cooling within an injection mould can be decisive for efficient production and, not least, for the quality of the components. Deflection baffles enable the targeted guidance of the cooling medium, prevent hotspots and thus make a significant contribution to the homogeneous cooling of the mould.

Due to this main function, deflection baffles are made of materials that can withstand mechanical and, in particular, thermal stress. The chemical-resistant plastic baffle (72112) from KNARR is specially designed for such high-temperature applications (water: 180 °C, oil: 200 °C). The applied high-temperature O-rings (70198) can be replaced very easily when worn. A scale integrated in the plastic baffle makes it easier to cut the baffle to the required finished size. Assembly / disassembly is carried out by means of an internal thread. The PA baffle is available in the standard diameters 8 and 10 mm (both length 180 mm), 12 and 15 mm (both length 250 mm), 18 and 20 mm (both length 300 mm).