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Trainee project 2021

Design and manufacture of an injection moulding tool
for reusable plastic cups

The in-company vocational training and encouragement of our junior staff is a firmly anchored element within the KNARR company philosophy. Optimal and practice-oriented professional training is the basis for a subsequent career in a specialist department, from which both sides ultimately benefit. In order to get to know individual processes in the long term, our trainees are entrusted with everyday business processes at an early stage and pass through a wide variety of departments. Periodical trainee projects, which are always very popular among trainees, are also well established.

„Of course, our training instructors provide support in our trainee projects. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to independently implement what you have learned. Working together with trainees from other training areas provides a completely different perspective on certain issues for everyone.“  

Carina Meister (Trainee industrial clerk) 

The task in the most recent project – to design and manufacture a complete injection moulding tool – was both exciting and challenging: What does the entire process look like from planning to mould testing? What must be considered during construction? What is a Bill of Material (BOM)? How are the individual components procured? How are the costs calculated?

During the project, there was also continuous support from our team of trainers, as well as needs-based support from our co-training professionals in the individual departments. In addition to the interesting practical experience, the trainees were able to learn more about methodical and strategic procedures and at the same time develop team spirit.

“We are happy to place our trust in our trainees so that they can grow with such projects, and we are always proud of the great work results. The theoretical foundations are important. Even more important, however, is your own practical experience to get the best possible training – regardless of the training occupation!”

Christoph Ploß (Trainee instructor, industrial sector)

Partner in this project – RAUMEDIC:

The result of the now successfully completed project is a KNARR drinking cup that is worth seeing and can be used in various ways. The sampling and production took place in cooperation with the prospective process mechanics from our neighbouring company RAUMEDIC.

„We were really proud to see our finished mould tool live in action and to hold the freshly moulded cups in our hands – an absolute highlight.“

Julian Benker (Apprentice toolmaker)