Slide holding device with roll

NEW: Ø42 mm

New at KNARR: As a supplement to the previous range (Ø10 mm, Ø13 mm, Ø16 mm, Ø19 mm, Ø22 mm, and Ø28 mm), KNARR now offers the slide holding device with roll also in Ø42 mm. Springs of different strengths allow retention forces of 80 kg, 120 kg or even 160 kg and are therefore particularly suitable for large, heavy slides.

This type of slide retainer provides obvious advantages:
An optimized and enlarged bearing surface of the component allows for a chamfer and eliminates post-machining of the thread. Compared to other solutions, the roll proves to be significantly more wear-resistant.

The slide holding device consists essentially of a DLC-coated axle, a hardened roll (60 HRC) and exchangeable springs with various retention forces (1 – 160 kg). Since lubrication is not necessary, the cleanroom suitability is given in any case. The temperature resistance of 250 ° C is another advantage.

For small diameters (10 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm), the component is fixed only by a screw. The anti-twist protection is achieved by an additional pin on the contact surface.

Slide holding devices